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Art Deco an Old Design Can Be a Great New Look

Although art deco interior design is often considered a fashion from the past, there was a period that is was believed to be the ultimate in style and fashion. Between the years of 1920 and 1939, this fad and architecture enjoyed a period of high popularity and acceptance. That particular look was considered the ultimate look if you wanted to be in step with current fashion. The look went beyond the home environment/home decoration and was evident in clothing accessories, paintings, films, and industrial design.

While many different fashion movements developed from social protocols influenced by important political or even philosophical movements, this popular look really did not develop along those roots. In fact, art deco interior design came to the forefront to satisfy the exciting and flamboyant activity that occurred within the free living and extravagant lifestyle that experienced a peak of activity in the roaring twenties.

Many people have heard the term or phrase and have a general idea what it refers to. It is not as widely known how the term truly came about. It has been found that the term is a relatively modern term to describe fashions and styles from the 1920 period. Although the term was not actually commonly used until late in the 1960′s, it was actually derived from a popular book written in 1968. Following the book popularity the term came into common use by persons trying to best describe the sometimes gaudy styles of the period.

The End of It’s Popularity

After World War II the art deco interior design and its popularity seem to experience a fairly quick exodus. After north America began mass producing products based on the design theme, the fashion lost its appeal and it no longer represented the image of luxury. When supply was short there existed a sense of distinction and luxury. When the market became flooded , and almost anyone could have a piece of art deco interior design, the fashion decreased in popularity. As so common even today, if everyone can have it so easily, it is no longer luxurious.

There are currently organizations that are working to preserve and restore buildings from the Art Deco age as these remain a notable period in our history. It has been noted as a significant fashion period that enjoyed a distinctive flair for color and design.

Many of the surviving examples of once fashionable interior design exist as private homes, businesses, and hotels. There is also considerable effort and interest in striving to restore pieces of true art deco art, utensils, and furniture.

It is important to many people that the era of art deco interior design lives on into our lives now and in the future. While there have been periods of similarity in fashion to the design styles apparent at that time, it can be stated without reserve that it peaked in popularity during those roaring years of the 1920′s and into the 1930′s.

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