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Electrical Retailers: Should I Buy Online or Offline?

Many questions have been asked about electrical retailers and their role in business, since the advent of the internet. Many consumers now go online to order their dishwashers, washing machines, electric toothbrushes, fridges, cookers, TVs and other household appliances. It does not matter if it is a large domestic appliance or a small one, very often people are prepared to order on faith via a good online electrical shop.

The electrical business is very competitive and news reports during the year have shown many companies slashing prices of their “white goods” please note “white goods” is another name for household or domestic appliances.

Personally, although I do shop online; I tend to visit an electrical shop before purchasing things like fridges etc. The reason for this is probably based on a story told to me by a dear friend. I asked this friend why he would spend 125 pounds (250 US dollars) on a bottle of wine when it is obviously 25 times the price of a bottle purchased online. His answer was interesting he said that he wasn’t paying for the bottle of wine alone. He was, in fact, paying for the ambiance, the location, the fine table clothes, the great service, privacy and discretion, the discerning style and absolute class and the time to associate and interact with the human race. Now it may be pushing it a bit to compare this experience to buying white goods, but I hope you get the point!

Just a couple of weeks ago I checked the prices of a dishwasher. The best price I could find online was 259 pounds, This included installation. After a bit of bartering with the manager of the local electrical store, I was able to secure the same for 279 pounds. Although the 20 pounds may have seemed a lot more. This is how I gained, We had some good fun in the store, chatting with the staff. We met up with some old friends and were able to catch up on old times.

After this, my wife and I were able to have some quality time over a cup of coffee. When the dishwasher appliance was delivered, about 2 hours later! The guys from the shop were able to nip back to the shop and pick up a particular electrical part to make our machine legal. Officially they were supposed to get an electrician in which for what they had to do would have been silly. So all in all, we had a good time felt special and most importantly did business with a local electrical retailer selling domestic appliances on a personal basis.

Our new dishwasher

By the way, the manager also gave me his phone number to call if ever we had a problem or if we needed a washing machine or any other kitchen appliance. Beat that!

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